Day 1,157: Donald Trump isn’t a doctor. He just plays one on TV.

2 min readMar 22, 2020

Another day, another horrific response to the coronavirus by Donald Trump.

Continuing a pattern of speaking out of turn about treatments and timelines, Trump was giving medical advice like he was a licensed medical doctor.

Because he’s the president and millions of supporters will take him at his word no matter how often he lies, many people are likely to rush out and try to procure the medications he referenced.

But that’s incredibly dangerous, say actual infectious disease doctors.

Trump is openly cherry-picking data coming directly from doctors, reinforcing and amplifying any glimmer of positivity while ignoring everything else that paints a real picture of the situation.

He frequently does similar things. Just two weeks ago Trump touted his “supergenius” uncle, who died in 1985, for his own understanding of the science of infectious diseases and public health.

Trump stood on his uncle’s shoulders — who died 35 years ago — to explain his scientific intellect. (Trump has a lengthy history of claiming he knows more about certain topics than anyone on the planet. Those topics have included renewable energy, debt, trade, “the horror of nuclear,” and plenty more.)

If Americans have questions about treatments for the coronavirus, they should listen to the doctors briefing them everyday or speak to one directly. However, Trump is exacerbating an already terrible situation by pretending to be a doctor because he’s worried about the political fall out from his disastrous response to a pandemic.

1,157 days in, 305 to go

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