Day 1,096: Trump honors himself on MLK Day

2 min readJan 21, 2020

Two years ago, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Donald Trump told everyone they should volunteer. Then he went to play golf.

Last year, he planned nothing, until publicly outcry led to a two-minute stop — not an exaggeration — at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

This year, Trump planned nothing yet again before being guilted into a 30-second stop — again, not at an exaggeration — at the memorial.

Rather than honoring King, Trump seemed to want to honor himself.

He couldn’t personally tap out anything about King other than referencing that today is “MLK jr DAY.” Instead, Trump made it all about Trump, as usual, while pandering, as usual.

Trump also continued to whine about impeachment, while lying about the House of Representative’s actions. (Notably, he omitted the key fact that he blocked numerous witnesses, including John Bolton, from testifying before the House.)

Aide Kellyanne Conway added to the ridiculousness by trying to weave everything together. She claimed King wouldn’t have supported impeachment of Trump while noting that Monday was also her birthday.

Meanwhile, Trump’s incoherence and delusions of grandeur remained unparalleled.

While still failing to mention the civil rights icon — and apparently not caring that that King was assassinated by a white supremacist with a gun — Trump was tweeting support for a march in Virginia that was led, in part, by militia groups and white supremacists with guns and tactical gear strapped to their body like they were in Fallujah.

The groups were opposing common sense gun reforms being considered in Virginia. Those reforms include things like enhanced background checks and communities having the ability to ban guns from certain events.

1,096 days in, 366 to go

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